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Web Developer Security Awareness Training

Leveled Programs That Instruct and Challenge

Ensure your teams can properly build defensible applications before they commit one line of code with secure code training modules from SANS Security Awareness.

The Challenge:

The vast majority of developer training fails to deliver content relevant to specific roles in a format that facilitates deeper engagement, knowledge retention, and a clear path to career development. The outcome is a poor return on investment, continued frustration for administrators, and more significantly, ongoing vulnerabilities that lead to increased risk of application breaches.

The Solution:

Role-based and progressive training paths are geared towards anyone involved in the development process from developers and architects to managers and testers to create web applications in a secure environment, and how to deploy the best security protection for your apps. SANS Developer Training clarifies challenges in continuous deployment by teaching learners what to watch for in every stage of development — making life easier for administrators and developers.

SANS Security Awareness Developer Training Allows You To:

  • Build Defensible Applications Aligned to OWASP Top 10 Security Requirements
  • Teach Top Design Flaws
  • Master PCI DSS Compliance Standards
  • Instill a Culture of Secure Development

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“Whether for our developers, administrators, or executives, the SANS Security Awareness training curriculum hits the nail on the head! We are grateful for the positive impact SANS has had on the security of our organization and the clients we serve.”

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