Security Awareness Maturity Model™

Measure Your Program Maturity

Established in 2011 through a coordinated effort by over 200 security awareness officers, the Security Awareness Maturity Model™ has become the industry standard which organizations use to not only benchmark the maturity of their awareness programs, but also to leverage as a strategic roadmap to both plan and communicate the impact these programs are having on managing human risk.

In the new the eBook, Leveraging the SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model to Effectively Manage Human Risk, we explore the Maturity Model in greater depth by defining each stage and describing the steps required to reach the next.

Download the eBook to discover how this powerful model can:

  • Determine why your Security Awareness program may not be having the desired impact
  • Provide proven steps to mature your Security Awareness program
  • Deliver best practices for communicating the value of the program to leadership

…and so much more! Download the eBook now to unlock actionable insights to grow and mature your security awareness program.

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