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Security Awareness Planning

Build Your Security Awareness Program with This Step-by-Step Kit

The Security Awareness Planning Toolkit will enable you to quickly build and/or improve your Security Awareness Program using resources developed and proven by the SANS Security Awareness Community. These materials can be used for people new to awareness or those highly experienced looking to improve an existing awareness program.

How to Use this Planning Toolkit

Simply leverage the resources most useful for you. The materials are listed in the order that people would most likely use them for building a new security awareness program. For more established or mature awareness programs, you most likely just want to select the specific resources you need.

  • Sample Project Charter: Project Charters are the first step in planning any large-scale project or initiative. This includes the key elements of a Project Charter for a new Security Awareness Program.
  • Sample Project Plan: A detailed example of what a complete Project Plan can look like for a comprehensive Security Awareness Program.
  • Presentation: Slide deck to help you gain leadership's support for your Security Awareness Program.
  • Metrics Matrix: This interactive matrix identifies and documents numerous ways to measure security behaviors, culture and strategic impact of your Security Awareness Program.
  • Phishing Planning Guide: This strategic guide walks you through the key elements of planning a successful phishing program.
  • Maturity Model: The Security Awareness Maturity Model is a key part of planning and communicating your awareness program. Both the model and a detailed breakdown of each stage is provided in your toolkit.
  • Annual Program Schedule: These templates provide examples of how you can visually document your overall security awareness plan.
  • SANS Security Awareness Report: This annual data-driven report enables you to benchmark your program against other organizations and prioritize your resources and initiatives.

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