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NERC CIP Security Awareness Training

Train All NERC CIP Personnel with Confidence

Ensuring that your systems and processes are in line with NERC CIP regulations can be a daunting task. Our newly updated 12-module compliance program includes the most up-to-date curriculum addressing CIP-004 requirements on the market to help employees stay current with the NERC CIP responsibilities related to their roles.

End-to-End NERC CIP Training Made Easy

To help you get started, we're offering a 7-day preview that will give you an understanding of the training content and its suitability to your security training program. Our NERC CIP Security Awareness Training has been developed by industry practitioners and cognitive experts and:

  • Meets the latest requirements, addresses the latest challenges, and makes a lasting impact
  • Covers all facets of NERC CIP
  • Results in huge savings in both time and costs by freeing up organizational training resources
  • Utilizes security awareness and cyber training
  • Simplifies training and reporting

Access it today to start delivering the knowledge and skills necessary to keep your organization compliant and secure.

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“This is best-in-class NERC CIP training. The courseware provides valuable compliance approaches and software tools for peer collaboration to build consent on implementation.”

Jeff Mantong, Western Area Power Administration