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SANS Security Awareness has the training required to manage your organization’s unique level of human risk. We deliver focused computer-based training modules that cover a wide range of topics that deliver a mix of security essentials, mandatory compliance, and supplemental exercises for advanced topics.

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  • EndUser Training: Covers core concepts to manage human risk across your entire organization with training paths that include: Security Essentials, US and International Compliance, Digital Transformation, and more.
  • Developer Training: Delivered via progressive learning tracks appropriately leveled to match the skill levels in your development community. Tracks cover OWASP Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities and Secure Coding Best Practices for the most popular web application coding languages.

Role-specific training modules have your organization covered no matter your workforce’s skill set of experience level. Progressive learning tracks keep learners engaged while reinforcing key concepts.

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“I needed something that integrated with the innovative approach I was building when it came to security awareness and culture. For me, it was about changing behavior and SANS was the perfect fit for that.”

Mike Melo, VP Technology Shared Services & CISO, LifeLabs