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WhatWorks in Reducing Time to Detect Through Security Awareness Training and Testing

Reduce time to detect, mitigate and restore from ransomware attacks

During this SANS WhatWorks webcast SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends John Pescatore interviews Nick Adams, Senior Information Security Analyst from Guidewire Software to gain his insight on what he went through in the business justification details and deployment SANS Security Awareness Training offerings. Guidewire Software is a global provider of financial application used in the insurance industry. The awareness training and testing resulted in behavior changes by users and reduced vulnerabilities in application code that supported both decreased time to detect attacks and decreased business impact from incidents.

Join SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends John Pescatore and Nick Adams to hear details on the selection, deployment and experience using SANS Security Awareness Training The webcast will contain a discussion of lessons learned and best practices and give you the opportunity to ask questions to get deeper insight.

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“Whether for our developers, administrators, or executives, the SANS Security Awareness training curriculum hits the nail on the head! We are grateful for the positive impact SANS has had on the security of our organization and the clients we serve.”

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